DPA - 4466 Core - NAB 2022

Stand C8609 at NAB 2022 will host a wide selection of “next-gen” microphones, developed by DPA and aimed at both the broadcast and AV markets.

Based on the company’s 6066 subminiature headset design, the new 4466 Core omnidirectional and 4488 Core directional headset microphones feature the popular 5mm round microphone capsule. The first of the products that DPA will bring to NAB aims to provide “the security, durability and flexibility needed” for use in broadcasting, houses of worship, theatre and corporate conferencing.

With a one-size-fits-all design, a three-point attachment system and a height- and length-adjustable arm, the 4466 and 4488 fit all head shapes and sizes. In addition, the new DPA headphones share the same interchangeable cable and boom options as the 6066 subminiature headphones, providing versatility in everyday use.

DPA - 4097 Core - NAB 2022

4097 Core Micro at NAB 2022

DPA will also bring the 4097 Core Micro shotgun microphone to NAB 2022. With the same sonic qualities as the brand’s other supercardioid microphones, the solution has been optimised to pick up speech at a distance. Initially designed for floor microphone applications, it is now suitable for microphones in confined spaces thanks to its small dimensions and optimised audio pick-up.

Another key feature of the 4097 Core Micro is that when selected as part of DPA’s new interview kit, which includes a lightweight boom and windshield, the microphone allows journalists to conduct interviews at a distance of up to two metres. With a lightweight telescopic boom and Rycote windshield providing ideal conditions for outdoor productions, the kit also includes DPA’s 4099 cold shoe, a DPA MicroDot cable and a transmitter plate. This plug-and-play solution allows single-operator teams to capture important news and information quickly, easily and securely.

The 4097 Core Micro Shotgun’s sonic qualities are especially beneficial for placing microphones in inconspicuous locations, allowing location sound experts to capture sound from anywhere on set. There’s more: when used in conjunction with DPA’s lightweight MMA-A digital audio interface, the 4097 Core Micro Shotgun becomes a complete remote recording package. The interface is a high-quality two-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter that offers mono, dual mono and stereo capabilities. Compatible with iOS devices and Mac or PC computers, the MMA-A provides crystal-clear audio in a wide range of remote applications. The Micro Shotgun 4097 Core, which terminates in a MicroDot connection, can also be attached directly to a transmitter and can be used with the company’s 4099 series brackets, clamps and clips for easy mounting on any surface.

Finally, DPA has also launched the MS4099 Mic Stand Mount, a rugged and flexible solution for mounting the 4097 on any microphone stand. Borrowing the design from other DPA mounting options, the MS4099 Mic Stand Mount’s barrel makes it quick and easy to attach or remove the microphone. In addition, the stand can be rotated for vertical or horizontal use, depending on the application.

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By • 6 Apr, 2022
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