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Videndum will be the brand name for companies such as Teradek, Sachtler, SmallHD, Quasar, Litepanels, Autoscript and Anton Bauer, leaving the name Vitec Group as a thing of the past.

The name change, as Videndum itself has confirmed in a statement, comes for two reasons. The first is to “differentiate” itself from other companies that operated under the Vitec name; the second is to “avoid financial penalties” under an already settled dispute with a third party that was deemed to have prior rights to the Vitec name in several territories.

The name chosen is Videndum, a Latin noun meaning “that which must be seen” or “a must-see”, which “better reflects our purpose and opportunity in the multiple content creation market segments in which we operate.” The brand roll-out process for the new name and associated visual identity will run until early 2023. The announcement is accompanied by another name change, as Videndum’s Imaging Solutions Division is renamed Media Solutions.

Stephen Bird, CEO of Videndum, assesses the name change from Vitec Group to Videndum as follows: “More than just a name change, Videndum better reflects our purpose and opportunity, and signals a new stage in the Group’s evolution. The Company has fundamentally evolved over the last ten years and we are now a higher quality business, with more advanced technology capabilities, operating in multiple market segments at the very heart of the exciting and growing content creation market.”

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By • 27 May, 2022
• Section: Business