Teradek Prism Flex

The Teradek Cube line evolves into Prism Flex, a 4K HDR encoding/decoding system designed for mission-critical IP video transport workflows.

Prism Flex excels in being able to deliver colour-accurate 4K HDR video streaming in AVC or HEVC. Offering 10-bit, 4:2:2 support, Teradek is unequivocal that this new solution is capable of delivering “the highest quality streaming video” for broadcast and production workflows.

Prism Flex, with 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, integrates functionality such as recording, storage and forwarding, making the system compatible with remote collaboration workflows. In addition, it offers several options for content to be viewed with a latency over WAN of only 300ms on AppleTV, Mac OS and iOS devices. Naturally, like the Cube, Prism Flex includes a wide selection of transport protocols and features to provide “secure, reliable, low latency” transmission.

Another highlight of Prism Flex is its ability to be combined with the Core cloud platform by Teradek, transforming the solution into an IP video hub that allows its users to collaborate, manage, archive, monitor and distribute their streams remotely to all their destinations simultaneously.

Michael Gailing, general manager of Live Production at Teradek, sees Prism Flex as the “culmination of years of testing and feedback from some of our largest customers, such as NASA, Netflix and USA Today”. In his opinion, what customers will like most about this tool “is how much cutting-edge functionality is packed into such a small device”. “With so many organisations moving towards mobile and remote production workflows, a product like Prism Flex is just a no-brainer,” he concludes.

Teradek Prism Flex

Benefits of using Teradek Prism Flex + Core together

  • Multistreaming: Send streams to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Network bonding: Avoid mid-stream drops and bond multiple Internet connections.
  • Archiving: Cloud storage
  • Transcoding: Transcodes video to AVC before sending to CDNs
  • Remote management: Manage the codec from any location
  • Store and forward: Logs and uploads files in chunks for efficient delivery

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By • 23 Mar, 2022
• Section: Study, Media management, RF