Atlantic Television - Atlantic Radio - Canary Islands

The group Atlantic Plateau has launched the new private regional channel Atlántico Televisión, which arrives accompanied by its own radio station.

The largest multimedia conglomerate in the Canary Islands began the first broadcasts of its television in a testing period last May 30, Canary Day. Thus, Atlantic becomes the "first private autonomous channel" of DTT that will have a general programming, which will combine quality cinema, news and entertainment. In fact, Atlantic Plateau You confirm that you have acquired the rights to use one of the international film catalogs “most competitive in the market”. Starting in October, once the initial testing period has ended, the network will premiere its own production of entertainment and current affairs.

Por su parte, Atlantic Radio will have one of largest networks in the Canary Islands of stations in the modulated frequency band. The programming of the chain will be structured with a mix of music and news radio formula. In the same way, starting in October, the radio will have a entertainment morning slot which will start at 6 in the morning.

The schedules of Atlantic Television y Atlantic Radio, led by Mary Rozman y Oscar Mendez, respectively, can now be followed live through the streaming platform of diariodeavisos.com.

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By • 6 Jun, 2022
• Section: Business, Radio, TV