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The Blackmagic ATEM family of mixers is expanding with a new 3G SDI range aimed at professional broadcast and streaming environments.

The Blackmagic portfolio now includes the ATEM SDI and ATEM SDI Pro ISO, with four SDI inputs, and the ATEM SDI Extreme ISO, with eight. All options have common features, such as the ability to resynchronise sources and convert formats, and the ability to create overlay effects. And while the USB port makes it easy to connect to computers, the Pro and Extreme models are capable of transmitting signals directly.

ATEM SDI switchers are looking for a full control panel and connectivity options in a compact size. Each device offers a substantial selection of buttons for selecting sources, effects and transitions; these allow switching between images, but also give the ability to mix audio. Another key feature of the ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models is that they include controls for recording and web streaming, as well as buttons for selecting outputs to switch between different cameras, programme signal or multiple display function.

On the rear, there are SDI connections for cameras, additional inputs for microphones, a USB port for recognising the mixer as a webcam, and several auxiliary SDI outputs for the main signal.

Blackmagic Design ATEM SDIATEM and digital platforms

The ATEM SDI Pro and ATEM SDI Extreme models include an Ethernet connection that allows you to stream live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in high quality, without skipping frames and with a simple setup. Simply select the desired platform and enter a key to start broadcasting. When producing live on location, the ATEM SDI Pro and Extreme models allow you to connect Apple or Android phones to the USB port for mobile data or as a backup to the main Ethernet connection. The Blackmagic software has panels for configuring each stream, the status of which is indicated in one of the simulcast mode windows.

The ATEM SDI Pro and Extreme models also offer the ability to record full length H.264 files with ACC audio directly to USB flash drives for uploading to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. They also allow multiple storage media to be used via a USB adapter, so that when one becomes full, recording automatically continues on the next drive. The recording settings and choice of drives are configured in the ATEM Software Control program. In turn, the recording status is indicated in the simultaneous display mode.

The ATEM SDI Pro ISO and Extreme ISO models facilitate the editing of live broadcast events by providing the opportunity to simultaneously record the programme and the sources connected to the device. The media panel images used in production are also saved along with the recordings in files that include metadata such as timecode and camera number. This provides the possibility to make new colour adjustments or add effects and graphics. Importantly, audio sources are also recorded, allowing for professional mixing.

Blackmagic Design ATEM SDI ExtremeRecord and export

ISO models allow you to create a DaVinci Resolve project file for one-click editing of your production, including all the cuts, effects and graphics used. This allows you to adjust the length of shots or replace them entirely. The DaVinci Resolve sync tray makes it easy to edit shots using a simultaneous viewing interface. ISO files are automatically organised according to timecode so that all angles are perfectly synchronised.

Another key feature is that each of the 3G SDI inputs allows the received signal format to be converted. In this way, the mixer is able to process 720p, 1080p and 1080i sources. The SDI outputs also function as auxiliary outputs, giving you the opportunity to assign sources to any of them. They can all be connected to cameras for the purpose of controlling the units and pilot lights. In the case of ATEM SDI Pro and ATEM SDI Extreme models, these outputs can also be used for the simultaneous display function.

The ATEM Software Control is again the solution that provides access to all the mixer’s functions. Its interface is elegantly designed with a virtual panel and tabs for quick adjustments. Although normally connected via the USB port, it is also possible to connect multiple computers via an Ethernet network and run copies of the software on each computer simultaneously, and even save the device settings in an XML file, as well as control HyperDeck recorders for clip playback.

Blackmagic Design ATEM SDIVirtual scenarios

The ATEM SDI Extreme model includes four compositors for chrominance overlays to create stunning virtual scenarios with up to four cameras. The ATEM SDI Extreme version has eight inputs: four for cameras and four inputs that can be connected to computers to generate rendered backgrounds. Still camera productions can be produced by loading the backgrounds from the media panel or media players, and macros can be recorded to switch between units to use the correct image. In addition to the two independent channels for visual effects, the ATEM SDI Extreme models include a SuperSource processor with one background layer and four additional layers that can be used just like any other source to create digital compositions.

For more complex multi-camera productions, it is useful to be able to view all sources at the same time on a single screen. The ATEM SDI Pro and ATEM SDI Extreme models feature an option that allows you to monitor sources, master and preview on a single SDI monitor. Each window displays the signal from one camera and includes indicators to show which camera is on-air, as well as custom signage and audio meters. The ATEM SDI Extreme version provides the ability to view up to 16 sources, plus recording and webcast status, and audio mix.

Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, outlines the key benefits of the new ATEM SDI mixer range: “The new ATEM SDI live production switcher is perfect for broadcasters who want advanced, professional features while also looking for extreme portability. There are three great models with 3G-SDI video connections and some really great features like DVEs for picture in picture effects, graphics, transitions, advanced chroma key and Fairlight audio mixer. It’s really exciting and we can not wait to see what customers do with these new models.”

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