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Television of Catalonia está llevando a cabo la progresiva reposición de los sistemas de decorados virtuales y de realidad aumentada durante el año 2022 en base al motor Unreal de Epic Games.

During 2022, the bidding process for the project to replace the systems for the generation of virtual sets and augmented reality. That is, to apply more advanced technologies to achieve greater quality and diversity in these environments.

The project is budgeted at 1.100.000 euros and it has an execution period of three years, a third of which is planned during this year 2022.

The objective of the project is to deploy the systems and applications to provide the CCMA with the capacity to produce augmented reality content and virtual sets, in 5 studios simultaneously equipped with 10 cameras.

Currently, the CCMA has an augmented reality production system and virtual sets based on the company's graphics engines Avid (Pray), which due to its characteristics have been discontinued and limited in its graphic capabilities.

The implementation of the new system will allow us to be much more ambitious in the use of new graphics capabilities based on the graphics engine Unreal de Epic Games, a technology that is a reference in the world of videogames and that allows the production of Highly realistic immersive and augmented reality environments.

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For • 19 Oct, 2022
• Section: Study, graphics