Prodys - Quantum 2 - IBC 2023

The new Quantum2 ST and Quantum2 AV ranges, studio encoder equipment, are the great attraction of the presence of Prodys in IBC 2023 (September 15 – 18).

During IBC 2023, Prodys will present two series of equipment that aim to go one step further in the possibilities of IP technology for audio distribution and in the integration of professional audio and video coding. Specifically, the family Quantum2 ST was born with the idea of ​​offering a more attractive alternative to those of the previous family Quantum ST, both in price and features. On the other hand, family teams Quantum2 OFF They are the perfect complement to laptops Quantum 2 XL y W, since they can have 2 stereo audio channels and one video channel, so with a single device it will be possible to receive all the communications coming of one of these laptops.

One of the most notable features of this equipment is the possibility of remotely listening to both the input and output audio of the equipment from a HTML5 web browser or since ProdysControlPlus. In this way, a network supervisor can listen using a smartphone to what is happening on a transmitter hundreds of kilometers away. The monitored audio is compressed using the OPUS algorithm, providing sufficient quality audio to evaluate the correct operation of a transmission. This feature is called Webmonitor and seeks to “revolutionize” the way teams dedicated to distribution and STL are currently managed.

Prodys - Quantum2 XL - IBC 2023At IBC 2023, Prodys will also showcase the latest innovations in its revolutionary portable commentator systems. Quantum2 W y Quantum2 XL- A new second Talkback bus (TB2) and TECH key to request assistance from a supervisor via ProdyControlPlus; a new Internet Sharing option that allows other devices to connect to the Internet through Quantum2's LTE/5G connections, and bi-directional SRT video streams.

Finally, the Spanish company will highlight the advantages of the IP equipment management solution ProdysControlPlus, a client/server software that allows you to have all the computers under control registered on a single server that can be accessed from an indeterminate number of client applications. In order to keep the server in a secure environment, Prodys has launched the service ProdysControlPlus Cloud, which means that the user does not have to worry about installing and maintaining the server. This cloud option has redundancy and high availability, automatic updates, and performs a daily configuration backup. For Prodys, this is just the first step towards developing virtual cloud coding solutions.

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By • 8 Sep, 2023
• Section: Audio, Study, Mobile TV