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The Riedel Bolero system, a key part of the Madrid’s Teatro Real productions since 2020, has been upgraded to a deployment of 43 beltpacks, nine antennas and four NSA interfaces.

Riedel - Teatro Real - BoleroThe Bolero systems provide coverage throughout the stage, aisles and two key rooms (Gayarre and Ballroom) used for various events, enabling clear and reliable communication for all technical staff, regardless of where they work. In the words of Fernando Valiente, director of audiovisuals at the Teatro Real: “Bolero’s unparalleled audio quality, swift configuration, and comprehensive coverage across our diverse event spaces have greatly streamlined our workflow. staff quickly became comfortable using Bolero beltpacks, and the overall system has become an indispensable asset. Providing the robust functionality and reliability we need to ensure flawless productions and events, Bolero allows us to focus on producing exceptional performances in multiple spaces.”

As Riedel notes, by implementing and expanding its Bolero wireless intercom system, the Teatro Real has improved “communications, workflows and the overall efficiency of the technical teams.” With Bolero’s six keys assigned to all groups, members can communicate with each other at the touch of a button. In emergency situations, Bolero can also be used, as the Teatro Real has a beltpack reserved for use in the event of cable communication failure.

Maribel Román, regional sales manager at Riedel, assesses the latest integration of Bolero at the Teatro Real in this way: “The Teatro Real’s experience with Bolero showcases the transformative power of state-of-the-art wireless intercom technology. By investing in Bolero to improve and extend communications throughout the opera house, the Teatro Real has significantly enhanced its overall operations. We’re proud to be a trusted solution provider for this prestigious performing arts institution.”

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By • 23 Feb, 2024
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