Riedel - Studio Automated - IA - IBC 2023

Studio Automated and Riedel Communications have signed an agreement to begin work on creating an AI-based video production solution that will allow productions and leagues to remotely shape their live events with “minimal personnel and operating costs”.

Studio Automated, a pioneer in the field of automated video production for live sporting matches and events, focuses its approach on AI and machine learning (ML)-based technology. Since its inception in 2020, the young Amsterdam-based company has covered more than 100,000 sports matches with installations in 1,500 locations around the world. Now, the collaboration with Riedel promises to multiply the possibilities of this system in a worldwide broadcast context that sets its sights on artificial intelligence as a solution for global coverage of hundreds of sports.

For Paul Valk, founder and director of Studio Automated, this agreement with Riedel certifies that its software-based approach is the right one to develop “the best AI” aimed at automated video production. “The maturity of our AI model enables us to serve clients that seek to automate production in the higher end of sports broadcasting, and we’re thrilled to work with Riedel in creating new products for this market,” the executive stressed.

Luc Doneux, director of live production at Riedel, is in charge of conveying the German company’s vision for the deal: “I am excited to work with the great team of scientists and engineers at Studio Automated to create innovative and efficient solutions for the sports market. Their unrivaled expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with our deep sports broadcast know-how, is sure to yield great results. I am positive that this collaboration will herald a new era of affordable sports productions.”

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By • 27 Sep, 2023
• Section: Study, Business