Riedel - Bolero - VA 361 Productions

The Riedel Bolero intercom system allows VA 361 Productions, a company with offices in Spain, to increase efficiency and speed up workflows for live events and broadcast productions.

VA 361 Productions serves high-profile clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Google, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Ferrari, McKinsey & Company, Coca-Cola and Pfizer, among many other brands, and manages events, conferences, trade shows, sporting events and broadcast productions in Spain, Europe and abroad.

Since effective and efficient communication is fundamental to the success of an event, the Bolero wireless intercom system fits perfectly into the overall business strategy of VA 361 Productions. As Fran Gómez, CEO of the company says: “Known for its cutting-edge technology and superior audio quality, Bolero has helped us keep our commitment to our customers by providing them with the highest quality audiovisual solutions for their events. By choosing the Riedel Bolero wireless intercom after much research, we’ve invested in a product that will help us deliver better experiences for our customers.”

Riedel - Bolero - VA 361 ProductionsBolero has already helped the VA 361 Productions team make decisions quickly and coordinate multiple tasks, speeding up their workflows. Thanks to its long battery life, easy integration with other units, and the elimination of traditional hardwired systems, Bolero has also enabled VA 361 Productions to reduce installation and maintenance costs. In the future, the company will also benefit from Bolero’s long durability and system scalability, essential for adapting to evolving facility needs.

Maribel Roman, senior regional sales manager for Spain and Portugal at Riedel Communications, emphasizes: “We’re happy to work with VA 361 Productions again and to give the company an even greater competitive edge with our Bolero wireless intercom system. VA 361 Productions continues to recognize the unique capabilities of Riedel products, and we are pleased to play a role in supporting the company and its clients’ many corporate events and productions.”

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By • 7 Sep, 2023
• Section: Study, Mobile TV