Appear - NEO Series - NEO 10

NEO 10 is the first solution in the Appear NEO product family, which seeks to offer the advantages of server-based compression streams with “cost-effective” transcoding.

Specifically, NEO 10 has been created to meet the needs of the live content distribution market, where software-based compression is becoming increasingly popular due to its low cost and flexibility. The Appear latest release is a high-performance plug and play system that hosts an “efficient and flexible” software encoding system. In this way, the firm seeks to simplify typical operating models that combine clusters of servers with different functions into a standalone product with all upstream management, transcoding and streaming functions fully integrated.

Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO of Appear, provides further key insights into the NEO family: “In an increasingly “hybrid” world, the NEO Series combines our extensive experience in designing hardware solutions with the best that the world of software transcoding has to offer. As software-based compression grows in popularity, this expansion of our product portfolio helps address specific customer needs. The NEO Series ensures customers can benefit from the flexibility and low cost of software compression with the simplicity and performance of our dedicated hardware.”

Continuous upgradeability

As Appear emphasizes, the NEO software upgrade system ensures that all NEO products are future-proof. In this way, servers can be upgraded without the need for their users to worry about keys such as operating systems, drivers ou supporting applications. On the other hand, system maintenance is simple, as different data on server status (fans, internal voltages, temperatures, power consumption and disk status) is provided from the user interface.

The NEO 10 will be joined later by the larger capacity NEO 20. Both products are targeted at live distribution environments where OTT and/or IPTV AVC transcoding is desired. NEO 10 and NEO 20 support IP UDP/RTP, SRT input and packaged IP UDP/RTP and HTTP output. The design of both solutions has been completed with funding received through the Innovation Norge public project, which supports Norway’s most innovative companies and industry.

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Pour • 24 Nov, 2021
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