BossFM Radio con Lawo RƎLAY

BossFM 95.5, a FM radio station operating out of Abuja (Nigeria’s capital), has been equipped with ラウォ’s IP-based RƎLAY virtual radio software, which replaces their former digital console.

With this important upgrade, BossFM 95.5 becomes the first genuinely virtual radio station in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

The talent-first design and immediacy of the on-air studio’s desktop layout are provided by Lawo’s professional and affordable RƎLAY software suite, which offers a full-blown broadcast mixer and more: mixing, processing, and routing can be performed on a touchscreen connected to an off-the-shelf PC—or on a laptop, for on-location shows.

RƎLAY allows BossFM to mix 24 audio sources としても AES67-compliant AoIP signal streams directly on the station’s PC, for pristine audio production and output.

BossFM 95.5’s owner especially appreciates the fact that “showing our on-air talent and staff the basic functionalities of this novel tool took just a couple of hours. The first show presented with our new virtual setup went live that same afternoon.”

BossFM Radio con Lawo RƎLAY

Integration with third-party

RƎLAY’s seamless integration with third-party hardware and applications has allowed BossFM to turbocharge its capabilities, with enough resource capacity to expand even further, in line with future needs. Other members of the RƎLAY product family, like VPB Virtual Patch Bay, VSC Virtual Sound Card and AES67 Stream Monitor software, provide comprehensive tools that make it possible to have an all-in-one radio station right on a PC.

Opeyemi Ogunsaju of Mega Cyber Plus, Lawo’s partner in Nigeria, who was in charge of system integration and service support, confirms: “RƎLAY’s simple and straight-forward looks are deceptive. This virtual radio suite brings professional radio production to any radio station, complete with Audio-over-IP and internal routing.”


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にとって • 29 Jul, 2021
• セクション: 無線