Canon EOS R5 Ninja V+ Atomos ProRes RAW

The firmware update that allows キヤノン‘s EOS R5 to capture 8K ProRes RAW (アップル) content from the アトム Ninja V+ recorder and viewfinder is now available.

Thanks to AtomOS version 10.68, the Ninja V+ system now supports 8Kp30 ProRes RAW recording. This native アップル format excels in real-time and multi-stream editing performance, as well as image quality preservation. Continuously evolving, ProRes RAW has recently received improvements in the area of white balance and ISO management, which will allow greater flexibility during image processing during the post-production phase. The enhancement, which lands on Canon’s EOS R5 cameras, could land on new devices soon.

アトム thus reaffirms its commitment to the ProRes RAW format, which has reached more than 30 cameras compatible with the firm’s devices during 2021. In the company’s own words, ProRes RAW combines the visual and workflow advantages of RAW video with the “incredible real-time performance of ProRes”. In this way, the format gives content creators “enormous freedom” to adjust the look of their images and “extend the brightness and detail of shadows.”

ProRes RAW is fully compatible with Final Cut Pro, アドビ Premiere Pro, 熱心な Media Composer, 同化する Scratch, ColorfrontFilmLight ベースライト グラスバレー Edius.


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• 19 Aug, 2021
• セクション: 集水域Postpro