リーダーLV5600LV 5770A

のテスト機器 リーダー have been used by a number of broadcasters and production companies to produce a wide range of sporting events over the past summer.

Specifically, several Leader LV5600 “True Hybrid” 波形モニターは、さまざまなイベントで使用され、すべてのタイプを監視しました。 SDIとIPソースを同時に. Also employed was the LVB440IPアナライザー, which provides in-depth analysis of the IP network via a low-latency HTML-5 display.

ケビンサルヴィージ, regional development manager at Leader Europe, focuses his attention more specifically on the UEFA-organized 欧州選手権, which featured 51 matches over 31 days of competition in UHD/HDR. As Salvidge states, “a number of Leader customers provided OB support, feeding UEFA’s master control room in Amsterdam ahead of distribution to media rights holders.”

Salvidgeはリーダーの ZEN series test instruments, which enabled OB service providers to monitor multiple transfer characteristics on a single display, ensuring that HDR and SDR video feeds were of the highest possible quality.


リーダーのZENシリーズは、 Orion-HDRをSDRカラーマネジメントプロセスに変換 会社によって開発された クロモラマ and deployed at the summer 2021 sporting events. パブロガルシアソリアーノ, founder of the company, comments emphatically that “Leader’s ZEN series instruments helped us develop the algorithm we use to create the LUTs now proving invaluable as customers start to provide HDR services from these major sporting events.”

The future looks bright. エイドリアン・ヤング, managing director of Leader Europe’s rental partner Presteigne Broadcast Hire, reflects on how the summer of 2021 has unfolded and sets his sights on next year’s sporting events: “Major sporting summers like the one we are currently enjoying place a huge demand on rental companies. We knew the delays to the 2020 UEFA Championships and the Summer Olympics would have a positive impact on 2021. Demand, especially for UHDTV/HDR products, proved stronger than we could ever have expected with rentals back above the summer 2019 levels. Our Leader test and measurement products have been in high demand. With 2022 also having a large number of major sporting events, we see demand for UHDTV/HDR increasing.”


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