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VSN has shared in the VSN Wired: Spotlight event the latest news of its solutions, which address the main needs of the broadcast and media world.

The webinar started with the Media Preservation section. In this regard, VSN Explorer has expanded its possibilities by allowing the creation of different keyboard shortcuts to speed up media management. Similarly, highlighting the transversality of the application’s player, VSN highlighted the new support for SSA subtitles. Another key issue is the question of metadata. In this regard, it is now possible to use searches using any field in the user group. Similarly, a new functionality has been added that allows automated actions to be performed when a field is activated or modified.

Toni Vilalta - VSN Wired SpotlightCompatibility with the cloud is key to the future of the broadcast and media management world. As pointed out by Toni Vilalta, VSN’s product manager, VSNExplorer is now fully compatible with this kind of services, allowing to send assets directly to external cloud providers in just a few clicks.

Other new features included in VSNExplorer is the new Timeline widget, which indicates the start and end periods of the assets; or the new artificial intelligence tool, which allows users to visualize on a single screen the result of the media analysis and integrate keyword extraction tools, facial recognition or logo recognition, among other functions.

VSNExplorer ExchangeMedia Exchange and Delivery

The review of the Media Exchange world features a new suite integrated in VSNExplorer, which allows to exchange elements instantly after a simple configuration that allows to decide the reception folder, its encoding or schedule the transfer. In the same way, VSN Explorer already allows users to subscribe to different categories to automatically receive the content they want and generate reports based on the use of the application.

In the Media Delivery area, VSN has focused its attention on BP Editor, a solution from which users can decide how to trigger processes or mark the development of each task within a media management process. All this, to ensure that all types of content are distributed to certain platforms in the most professional way and adapted to quality controls. Furthermore, VSN’s Air Manager has received numerous improvements, such as keyboard shortcuts, playback volume control or graphics launching.

VSNCrea UITrends and Media Planning

VSN wanted to emplee part of VSN Wired: Spotlight to focus on some trends that could mark the future of the broadcast and media market. Among them, the firm has highlighted the rise of the AVOD market, as well as a trend derived from the pandemic: the acceleration of remote processes そして cloud production. Lastly, VSN highlights the importance of artificial intelligence in metadata extraction. All these fields are being actively addressed by the company’s team.

VSN Wired has continued its news review with VSNCrea. The Media Planning tool presents a new login with information and useful functions designed to save time for users. In the same way, its player has been improved allowing for an on-frame editing to choose the best moments for commercial breaks in the playout playout.

Next, VSN has focused its attention on two Crea modules. The first one, the Rates module, allows to visualize, edit and create different prices for program blocks or schedules automatically calculated based on the audience received. Similarly, it is now possible to assign different prices according to blocks, as well as to apply discounts within a tariff. On the other hand, the Non-Linear module has been improved with new functions that allow optimizing metadata management, displaying content in calendar mode, scheduling the publication of serial content or accepting YouTube policies via API.

Ricardo Quintanilla - VSN Wired SpotlightMedia Production, Media Stories and new models

In the field of Media Production, VSN has presented its new Adobe Premiere plugin, which allows, beyond accessing audiovisual assets, to decide the preferred rendering engine to process a content. Regarding Media Stories, which groups news and live content production, the company has highlighted the latest integrations with different newsroom systems.

Ricardo Quintanilla, marketing manager, has been in charge of closing VSN Wired: Spotlight, but not before underlining how the professional environment is opting for flexible models and betting on the always flexible cloud environments. VSN is committed to support these models, betting on the present and future of the broadcast and media industry.


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にとって • 21 Sep, 2021
• セクション: イベントメディア管理