Avid - MediaCentral - Stream

熱心な IP contribution management system, MediaCentral Stream, becomes compatible with ソニーTVUネットワーク products.

MediaCentral Stream (available on a subscription basis) allows production teams to ingest multiple incoming IP streams both locally and via the cloud. Users can preview incoming IP streams, record them in production-ready formats, or edit an incoming stream simultaneously with their recording. The process is run with high security standards, as it features end-to-end encryption and authentication processes. Beyond ソニーTVUネットワーク, MediaCentral Stream is compatible with any SRT– or RTMP– enabled device.

ラウルアルバ, director of media and cloud marketing at Avid, calls the new support for Sony and TVU “crucial.” “We’re taking an open approach based on common protocols with a strategy to add more in the future, so customers can bring more content contributors into their live productions,” he adds. Meanwhile, ソニー product manager Martin Lindsay feels “proud” to “play a key role in helping the industry’s most creative production teams simplify the many complex processes involved in remote IP contributions.” In addition, Lindsay says that “with Sony’s network connected camcorders, RTMP streams can deliver content quickly and securely into the Avid MediaCentral Stream environment.”

ついに、 Paul Shen、のCEO TVU Networks, comments on the agreement: “This integration allows TVU and Avid to not only reliably deliver raw material in real-time, but to deliver it with the metadata needed to really reinvent workflows for our clients.”


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• 20 Oct, 2021
• セクション: 勉強モバイルTV