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What’s New at AJA: Pak Dock Pro enters distribution phase and FS-HDR v4.1 and Mini-Config v2.26.2 updates arrive.

Pak Dock Pro is a media player with USB-C connectivity and support for the latest USB 3.2 Gen 1 standard. With no external power supply required, the plug-and-play device streamlines the transfer of 苹果 专业分辨率狂热 DNx files from AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G digital video recorders to macOS and Windows desktops and laptops.

Its workflow is very simple. Users remove the PAK media drive from the Ki Pro Ultra 12G, insert it into the PAK Dock Pro and connect the media reader to their computer via USB-C. PAK Dock Pro is compatible with all AJA PAK drives, including the PAK 2000, PAK 1000, PAK 512 PAK 256, as well as the PAK drives used in the Ki Pro UltraKi Pro Quad products.


FS-HDR v4.1

Designed for the real-time HDR/WCG converter and frame synchronizer from AJA, the free FS-HDR v4.1 upgrade extends buffer depth from 6 to 20 frames and features expanded closed captioning support and a new ability to pass or translate critical auxiliary data (even while converting).

For production professionals looking to simplify HDR workflows, FS-HDR v4.1 also extends support for version 1.5 of BBC HLG LUTs. 1.5 adds two new LUTs for direct mapping and up-mapping conversions 为了 SDR BT.2020 to HLG BT.2100, as well as improved color saturation in down-mapping conversions from HLG BT.2100 to SDR BT.709.

In addition, AJA’s FS-HDR v4.1 adds support for new NBCU LUTs, developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC in collaboration with 克罗莫拉玛, to enable a workflow for single-master production of simultaneous HDR and SDR content. NBCU LUTs include SDR, HLG and PQ LUTs that maximize dynamic range and color volume in HDR, without compromising basic SDR broadcasts.

AJA - ROI-HDMI FS-MiniMini-Config v2.26.2

Finally, AJA has released Mini-Config v2.26.2, a free software update that introduces a number of new features for select 12G-SDI, 4K/UltraHD and other mini-converters, including region-of-interest scanning converters.

Mini-Config v2.26.2 introduces extended display identification data (EDID) emulation for all HA5-12G, HA5-4K, HA5-Plus, ROI-DP, ROI-DVI and ROI-HDMI models, allowing the connected source to continuously output the desired video format. For audio workflows, the update extends pass-through support杜比 Digital Plus JOC (Joint Object Coding) support 为了 HA5-4K and all HA5-12G models.

Mini-Config v2.26.2 also offers p60 to p59.94 and p59.94 to p60 single frame rate conversion for the 12GM, HA5-12G, HA5-4K HA5-Plus models; loss of input management capabilities for the UDCFS-Mini; and PsF support for the 12GM, HA5-12GHi5-12G models.


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