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Polygon Labs‘ data aggregation and visualization platform, Ipsum, has been used by APTN television to provide coverage of the Canadian elections.

APTN, a broadcaster with an important commitment to the indigenous community, has decided to rely on Ipsum to aggregate data from different Canadian media and distribute it in real time to Vizrt’s graphic templates. Once this visual representation filter is applied, the content is ready to be broadcasted in the Canadian media coverage. In parallel, APTN has turned to Chronos interactive storytelling and data visualization software to display election results and data-driven maps via a touch screen.

There’s more, as the Canadian broadcaster has also decided to use Polygon Labs’ Creative Hub solution to deliver real-time election graphics remotely and on-demand, as well as for channel branding and virtual production. Furthermore, Polygon Labs itself has been tasked with designing and implementing different graphics using Unreal Engine 4.7.

Wayne McKenzie, chief operating officer of APTN, remarks the “strong element of trust” they have with Polygon Labs after working together for years: “We know that we can absolutely rely on the team to provide the solutions that we need to create sophisticated graphics that illustrate the story as it unfolds before, during and after the results process, as well as a reliable workflow based on years of experience that brings everything together.” On the other hand, David Jorba, director of strategy and business development at Polygon Labs, is “delighted” that APTN has placed its trust in the company and notes that “by using a selection of software solutions, along with our design services, we could build highly creative, reliable and seamless graphics workflows suited to this fast-paced, high-pressure environment.”


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为了 • 21 Sep, 2021
• 部分: 贮存, 图形