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生产服务公司 柏林工作室 details its new UHD U10 mobile UHD unit, planned and integrated with 广播解决方案.

柏林工作室 claims to have followed “innovative paths” when tackling this new vehicle. The most groundbreaking decision, something Studio Berlin says “has never before been implemented with this consistency,” is the separation of the 控制室和技术室. The technical components are not installed in the mobile unit, as usual, but are housed in a 中央机房 in the support truck, connected to the U10 via a fiber link.

Installing much of the technology in the support truck presents several advantages for the OB truck’s productions and equipment, Studio Berlin says. The production services company believes that outsourcing provides production teams with 额外的工作站 and expands work areas. In this way, minimum distances between workstations can be maintained, allowing acrylic glass shields to be extended; and the two control rooms can be transformed into a single control space by moving doors and monitor walls.

The air-conditioning technology has also been simplified, reducing the noise level in the vehicle, and ventilation has been improved to promote air renewal.

U10 - Studio Berlin - Unidad Móvil - Broadcast Solutions


The U10 mobile unit offers 26 workstations and can run productions with up to 24 UHD cameras (草谷 LDX 86N) and additional wireless cameras. The mobile unit is equipped with a Grass Valley 12G K-Frame XP Compact mixer with Xtreme option, a Karrera K-Frame 3 M/E 在主控制室和一个 Korona 2 M/E in the second control room.

In terms of routing, Studio Berlin has opted for 里德尔的 中间网 decentralized router solution, which manages video, audio and multiviewer signals, as well as 38 UHD MicroN units. The audio section is managed with 老挝 mc256 MK III console (64 faders), with fully redundant UHD cores operating in audio control 1; and an mc236 console (16 faders) in audio control 2. Finally, for slow motion management (an issue widely demanded in sports productions), the U10 can host up to eight 电动汽车 or Grass Valley LiveTouch servers.

U10 - Studio Berlin - Unidad Móvil - Broadcast Solutions超高清工作

Studio Berlin has considerable experience in UHD/HDR productions. To accommodate these workflows, the U10 has four 31″ UHD/HDR Class 1 monitors, which allow 高动态范围 signals to be evaluated. Engineers and designers have another 55″ monitor for testing UHD signals, arranged at a suitable viewing angle.

Furthermore, to increase production reliability, U10 takes advantage of a powerful UPS缓冲器. In case of power failure, U10 can maintain the entire production for 15 minutes on battery power. The UPS buffer gives time to react and switch the power supply in case of emergency, making the use of a parallel diesel generator unnecessary.


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