JVC - Connected CAM - NAB 2022 - PTZ

新的 合资公司 KY-PZ400N 4K PTZ 和 KY-PZ200/N HD PTZ 摄像机将在全球首次亮相 国民银行 2022 (23-27 April).

从一间套房 温航道别墅酒店, 合资公司 将通过展示新的 Connected Cam 远程制作生态系统 KY-PZ400N 4K云台KY-PZ200/N 高清云台 cameras in person for the first time, along with the GY-HC500 4K 手持摄像机和 GY-HC900 2/3-inch ENG/studio camera. 埃德加·谢恩, general manager of engineering at JVC, will be the company’s host at the Las Vegas event, coordinating a number of remote production demonstrations on-site.

合资公司 新的 云台 整合 SRT 视频传输增强的纠错, resistant to Internet congestion, packet loss and high jitter. In addition, they feature next-generation HEVC 编码, which maintains SDI 视频质量 while sending video over the Internet at reduced data rates. In addition, each stream includes Vertical Integral Timecode (VITC) synchronised with Network Time Protocol (NTP) for remote synchronisation of multiple cameras in a live production.

Thanks to Vizrt Group’s integrated NDI|HX technology, the KY-PZ400NW/NB and KY-PZ200NW/NB CONNECTED CAM 4K PTZ cameras offer plug-and-play compatibility with 纽泰克 TriCaster, 混音 and a growing list of applications that support NDI, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many others. The KY-PZ200NKY-PZ200 also support 紫外线照射 (USB Video Class), allowing the cameras to be used as webcams for more secretive remote conferencing and chatting.

Wide selection of cameras

In addition to PTZ, JVC will also be bringing its GY-HC900GY-HC500 cameras to NAB. Both offer integrated SRT encoders, as well as a variety of on-board recording capabilities, such as H.26410-bit 4:2:2 ProRes, HDR imaging and 遥控 functionality. Built-in recording features include dual memory card slots for standard SDHX/SDXC media, optional SSDs and flexible recording options such as redundant, relay and backup modes.

GY-HC900 相机带三个 2/3 英寸 CMOS accepts a variety of B4-mount broadcast lenses, while the GY-HC500 具有 20 倍光学变焦和 40 倍无损选项 when recording in HD mode. Both models offer hybrid workflow options, such as local studio and remote production and simultaneous recording and broadcasting, and are popular for sports, live events and broadcast applications.

谢恩, director of engineering at JVC, was keen to emphasise that “After a much-anticipated three years, we are excited to once again join our industry colleagues at the NAB Show. We look forward to showcasing our latest cameras, including our PTZ, 500 Series and 900 Series Connected Cams.”


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