Thanks to a new plugin developed by Avid, NewsCutter users, Media Composer and Symphony have now access to material of HD video and metadata from of Ikegami GFCam HDS-V10.

Ikegami HDS-V10 GFCam

Ikegami HDS-V10 GFCam

Those professionals who work with Ikegami GFCam HDS-V10 flash memory camcorder and you edit the materual in Avid NewsCutter, Media Composer or Symphony No longer have any problem when it comes to export both video clips and associated metadata. The solution is a plugin developed by Avid based architecture called AMA (Avid Media Access).

Avid has developed this plugin to support most cameras on the market, including new formats GFCam to 50 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s of Ikegami. Thus, from now will be as simple as dragging the matter to Avid editing systems via USB 2.0 or a SATA high speed interface, and may thereafter transcode, copy, move, and edit material without having to resort to third solutions.

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By • 14 Oct, 2009
• Section: Catchment, Media management, Postpro