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The Cinema 3D Smart TV LG offer sporting events live and on-demand, news and news through the application.

LG Electronics has signed an agreement with half leading digital sports, Perform, Livesport.Tv provider, an application that will provide thousands of hours of sports content live or on demand for Cinema 3D Smart TV from LG.

According Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the division of LG Home Entertainment, "both sports content offered by Perform as its ability to offer consumers a quality service guarantee our Smart TV customers access to some of the best sports content available online ".

With Livesport.Tv, Cinema 3D Smart TV LG now offers a great channel for fans of European sports.

LG offer Livesport.Tv in five European countries with their respective languages: Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

"We are very pleased to have integrated Livesport.TV in Cinema 3D Smart TV from LG.

Thanks to the integrated Cinema 3D Smart TV LG to convert 2D to 3D feature, sports fans can enjoy all the contents of Livesport.Tv in 3D. It is expected that this feature is a great advantage for sports lovers who want to enjoy all the great sports moments in 3D images. Another feature that has already received many accolades is the innovative LG Magic Remote control, thanks to which users have a more intuitive navigation interface through the four functions of remote control: Scroll, Voice, Pointer and gestures.

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By • Apr 25, 2012
• Section: Hybrid IPTV/Tv