JVC GY-HC550 - Annalisa Russell-Smith

JVC GY-HC550 Connected Cam has been chosen by video journalist Annalisa Russell-Smith to record her next documentary.

Annalisa Russell-Smith has been working as a video journalist for 13 years for a variety of high-profile clients, including the BBC. Russell-Smith is also a certified drone pilot. Last year she became one of the first civilian Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) pilots, which allows her to fly large working drones that may be in another country, or even on another continent. As a result of this passion, Russell-Smith has begun work on a documentary about the world of aviation and the people who drive it.

To undertake this project, he chose the GY-HC550 Connected Cam de JVC Professional Video. Russell-Smith decided on this device primarily because of its live streaming capabilities for airshows and other events, allowing him to connect with the live audience while simultaneously recording footage for his documentary. In his own words: «The GY-HC550 (…) gives me the ability to do a live broadcast in such a seamless way. This is a huge benefit if you’re trying to engage with an audience and gather a following, or even be able to cover something newsworthy that’s happening in real time.”

Versatility between formats

Russell-Smith also notes that the JVC Connected Cam appealed to him because of its versatility with file formats, frame rates y camera operations. Russell-Smith explains that he had not previously used a standalone camcorder, but a DSLR camera for stills and video, so upgrading to the GY-HC550 has proved to be a big advantage.

“Having the auto focus function is huge for me because I am able to accomplish things that had not really been possible with a DSLR, like following fast-moving aircraft,” she says. The videojournalist also stresses the virtues of her large-format CMOS sensor, which allows her to still get “the shallow depth of field and soft backgrounds that I love.”

Although Russell-Smith has not been able to film too many events for her upcoming documentary due to Covid-19-related cancellations, she plans to attend several air shows and drone events this year.

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