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JVC‘s GY-HC500SPC Connected Cam and GY-HM890 cameras have been chosen by Harvard University to capture its sports productions.

The university broadcasts approximately 300 live and recorded events, most of which are now streamed on ESPN+. The school also broadcasts its productions through its various social media channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.

JVC Professional Video‘s GY-HC500SPC Connected Cam and GY-HM890 camcorders are the stars of the academic institution’s IP production workflow. While those models are used to capture and live stream mobile sporting events, such as skiing and rowing, Harvard’s video production team also relies on KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras and RM-LP100 PTZ controllers, which are mounted throughout the school’s facilities. The University also relies on other JVC models, such as the GY-HM250, GY-HM790 and GY-HM600, which are used as needed for broadcasting.

JVC Harvard BKW 1819 CornellEase of use

Imry Halevi, assistant director of athletics at Harvard University, opted to include JVC in his workflow: “I have always been a fan of the quality of the JVC image, I like how it looks. I’ve used cameras from other manufacturers and JVC just looks the best to me.” Beyond the image quality, Halevi explains that he chose the camcorders because they are “easy to use”: “With all the menus and controls in the same position across all models, we can provide our students with a base knowledge to easily switch between the school’s current cameras, as well as feel comfortable using any new camcorders we might acquire.”

As long-time JVC users, Halevi and his team sometimes have the opportunity to provide feedback on current cameras and suggestions for improving upcoming versions. Halevi requested a camera with similar capture quality to the GY-HM890 that could provide advanced graphics, connectivity and streaming: “We wanted something that would be easy to use and have a big sensor, because we often shoot in low light. I gave them all my specs and I said, ‘you know, the 890s are great, but I need something smaller that I can just take around.’

JVC GY-HC500SPC HarvardExtreme Conditions

JVC responded to Halevi’s request with the GY-HC500SPC Connected Cams. They were recently used to cover the Harvard ski season: ““When we sent the students to the mountain, it turned out to be like the coldest day of the year – negative 20 degrees with a wind chill. It was crazy. My biggest concern was that the cameras would just stop working because I couldn’t reasonably expect the cameras to work at all temperatures,” he recalls. Fortunately, the JVC devices came equipped with Porta Brace Polar Bear packs and Hot Hands hand warmers.

“We filmed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Never once did a camera shutdown, not even had a hiccup; it was incredible. Though that’s not why we chose the JVCs, it certainly reinforced why we use them. I expect them to work at normal conditions, but when I throw unexpected conditions at them and they continue to work, we know we have a camera brand for life,” concludes Halevi.

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For • 6 May, 2021
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