Evolution and innovation are the values ​​that define the project that Tedial has been carrying out at Televisa since 2005, a success story that continues to expand today and that the Spanish company has presented in the workshop held on the first day of BIT Broadcast 2014.

Tedial en BIT Broadcast 2014

Explain and publicize the successful project of the Spanish Tedial in the broadcaster Televisa it has been the central theme of the company's workshop at BIT Broadcast 2014; a technological relationship that began in 2005 and that continues to expand today with the full range of solutions from this provider.

As Julián Fernández-Campón, head of solution architecture at Tedial, points out, it is a project of “evolution and innovation that we are very satisfied with, since Televisa is very demanding in its acquisitions, validations and requirements”.

In this sense, Tedial has deployed -and currently continues- its entire range of solutions in this chain: from the change of tape workflow to MAM in 2005, followed by the implementation two years after BPM, at a time when that very few companies in the broadcast environment bet on this technological system. In addition, "another point of value for Tedial in this process has been the standardization and migration of Televisa's systems to the new platform," says Fernández-Campón.

The project has been maturing and consolidating with the development of the web interface, the evolution to BPM 2.0 and the current HTML5. In addition, the MAM is now multisite, with four main sites and fourteen regional ones; "All of this has meant the start-up of seven projects in nine years -says this manager- which is continuing".

One of the factors of Televisa's confidence in this company's technology focuses on added value, with advice, consultancy and "fundamentally, the joint work with the Televisa teams to define the workflows and components, as well as our R+D+i base and pilots in manufacturers to advise on technologies…”.
Finally, note that Tedial shows in BIt Broadcast new advanced functions for media management environments. Based on the concept that day-to-day media operations are sometimes very complex, Tedial attends this BIt Broadcast 2014 under a clear premise: Find It – Enrich It – Manage It – Publish It (find, enrich, manage and publish ).

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For • 20 May, 2014
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