Capitol IP is consisting in an Audio Core and an 8-fader Digital Console Control Surface.

Radio Azot con AEQ Capitol IP

Azot Radio has chosen the AEQ Capitol IP as the digital audio mixing console for its central studios. Azot Radio is a private radio station founded in 2008 on the Island of Réunion, French territory in the Indian Ocean. This is a young radio station, with fresh contents including news, hit music and local information and very valued by the citizens living in this region.

From its beginnings, Azot Radio betted heavily on new technologies as part of their strategy to reach a wider audience. They have developed a very comprehensive app to be used to distribute their contents via Smartphones and in parallel with two conventional FM radio stations operating on 98.9 and 97.6 MHz. Azot Radio also has a strong presence on social networks.

Capitol IP is consisting in an Audio Core and an 8-fader Digital Console Control Surface. The console is based on the former Capitol Digital Console but using the experience gained with that model, the control surface has been redesigned. It uses quieter switches and incorporates an additional number of programmable keys and a re-designed section for the monitoring control that proves ergonomically better.

Capitol IP AoIP connectivity is based on a single module with 16 inputs and 16 outputs incorporated to its core hardware. AEQ CAPITOL IP provides latest multichannel IP-based digital audio technology at a very reasonable price and providing top performance for Radio and Television stations.

This digital console incorporates all the basic features that are usually required in broadcast applications: automatic monitor mute, cough-cut, fader-start, signaling control, control signals for the automation of external devices, external communications management, intercom…

Its elaborate design and possibilities of configuration and reduced size (2RU Core and 19” Control Surface) makes it perfectly suitable to different scenarios: self-control, control-studio, mobile units, TV controls, sound production, mixed or hybrid configurations, integration in large-scale installations, etc.

One of the factors that drove Azot’s decision towards choosing AEQ Capitol IP appeared during the second phase of this upgrade. An expansion of the connections between studios and audio sources using multichannel AoIP became a requirement. Capitol IP happens to be absolutely ready for that.

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By • 7 Apr, 2017
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