As a main technological element of the project it is worth highlighting the implementation of a giant curved screen with more than 20 meters in length and 50m2 of surface.

Telemadrid telenoties

The Corporation Radio Televisión Autonomica de Madrid (RTVAM) has recently completed the project to renew its corporate image and information programs, betting on a strong modernization of the audiovisual technology present in the Main Set of Informations of the City of Image to substantially increase live production. As a culminate in the project on September 18th, the different editions of the program Telenews and the program Good Morning Madrid were produced from the new Set of Information, one of the most modern in Europe.

Telemadrid telenotiesFor the engineering and execution of the audiovisual equipment project of this set RTVAM has relied on the extensive experience of Vitelsa development of projects for the middle sector at national and international level. As a main technological element of the project it is worth highlighting the implementation of a giant curved screen with more than 20 meters in length, which delimits the perimeter of the new set in which different editions of information programs, current affairs programs and talks for the regional channels Telemadrid and La Otra are produced throughout the day.

This large video wall has more than 50 m2 of curved surface and is divided into three segments: one main located behind the news desk and two sides to support the different sections. The identification and in-depth evaluation of the different alternatives on the market allowed to finally select large format LED technology as the optimal solution for the project, in terms of image quality, durability and space. Also the audiovisual equipment selected for the new set contributes to a quick adaptation of the studio decoration to the needs of each section, allowing an excellent visualization of the graphic line of each program and facilitating an agile transition between them to allow maximum use of the studio.

Telemadrid telenotiesTo increase the versatility of the study, the side segments of the display have been mounted on motorized supports of great robustness, which facilitate the automated movement of the screens according to the requirements of the different sections of the programs produced. The mobility of these screens also allows their movement to other nearby sets, allowing the optimization of their use as large visual media in other Telemadrid programs.
Within the framework of the project, a new HD video electronics have also been implemented that performs the management, synchronization and distribution of the multiple channels from Telemadrid's graphism and signal systems, facilitating a total integration of the new equipment into the production processes of the chain.

Finally, in order to accelerate the adoption of the new technology by The Telemadrid technical team, Vitelsa has held different technical sessions in which training has been offered on the use, configuration and adjustments of the new equipment.

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by • 22 Sep, 2017
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