Teradici's PCoIP protocol allows 130 Movistar + professionals to remotely edit video and audio over Avid.


Average data and Avid have successfully culminated in Movistar + the first remote editing project large-scale audiovisual sector in Spain. Thanks to the technology of Teradici a remote edition can be deployed from anywhere on your systems Avid Media Composer and Protools.

At present, Movistar + has a team of more than 120 high-level publishing clients, whose production works simultaneously at considerable bit rates of 120Mbits.

Therefore, from the beginning the challengeand integration of a remote solution was complex both for the requirements of the edition itself and for bandwidth and access restrictions.

In coordination with Movistar and Avid, Datos Media has proposed and carried out various tests to evaluate the best market solutions based on the new remote production needs. Finally, the best solution that allows remote access to the editing stations themselves with a control over systems and user experience very close to the insitu was that of Teradici, a solution in turn completely certified by Avid.

Media Composer

Protocolo PCoIP

Teradici utiliza un protocolo PCoIP that allows a great optimization of video, audio and control transmission, as well as the correct synchronization of them being able to reach 4K image qualities. Another very interesting aspect of this protocol is that it meets high security requirements based on a AES 256 encryption. Teradici is consolidated as one more point for the safety and quality offered by Avid products.

Manuela Martinez, head of engineering and maintenance at Movistar +, highlights that “having 130 people editing video and audio on Avid daily, remotely, was something hardly imaginable before this international crisis. Today it is a reality ”.

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By • 19 May, 2020
• Section: ESP, IP, Postpro