The Spanish-speaking content factory of the Secuoya group, led by James Costos, is already working on productions such as the adaptations of ‘El Zorro’ and ‘The School of Americas’ and is developing twenty unscripted formats and five films.

Presentation Secuoya Studios

Secuoya Studios, the large factory of fiction, unscripted and film content in Spanish for the main platforms, producers, operators and broadcasters in the United States, Latin America and Spain, promoted by the Secuoya group, has been presented this Thursday, January 28, in Tres Cantos (Madrid).

The ambitious study, which groups, structures, makes independent and internationalizes the different verticals of Secuoya that have been operating successfully for years, aspires to become the best ally and preferred partner of producers in the United States and Latin America. Proof of this is the full trust deposited by Andy Kaplan, John Gertz and Jesús Torres, renowned international producers, in the fiction adaptation of The Fox, the mythical character created by Johnston McCulley. Likewise, the renewed series area also works on The School of Americas, the novel by Lesley Gill, and a comic by Kevin Grevioux about a Latin superheroine. In addition to these series and another ten co-productions, an international adventure reality for an international platform, new formats with figures such as Carlos Saura and José Andrés for the national market, and, in the cinema division, five films (The Test, Heroines of the neighborhood, Everyone does it, Alone and the adaptation of Colorful boots for rainy days), in pre-production and filming phase in 2021.

This new studio, which has a large team of professionals from around the world led by James Costos at the head from the headquarters in Los Angeles and in six other activity bases in the world (Miami, Mexico DF, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Peru and Madrid), it also adds new transversal areas such as production service, co -investment and tax incentives, to compete at the highest level with a true value offer in a constantly evolving market.

All this is supported by a ambitious business plan with the aim of participating in the production of 35 projects with an annual budget of 125 million, figures that will be reached in the coming years. During the last year, projects have been produced in all the areas that the study hosts for a value of more than 40 million.

Raúl Berdonés at the presentation of Secuoya StudiosIn this sense, its strategic plan has as a priority to bet on the creation through the development and ownership of large IPs in Spanish, with the aim of reaching a wide portfolio of projects financed by the producer itself. Likewise, the new studio will generate strategic relationships with leading international industry partners for the creation, development, co-production and distribution of entertainment, fiction and film formats, which expand existing projects with operators, platforms and distributors.

The fiction, the audiovisual genre with the highest demand for production today, will be one of the key pieces of the new Hispanic factory. After filming Supernormal, an original series for Movistar + directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, the series area has implemented in recent months the development of a portfolio of large IPs, adaptations of pre-existing works and originals aimed at a global audience. For this, the area that directs David martinez collaborates with the talent and creativity of such renowned names as Carlos Portela, Javier Ruiz Caldera, Jaume Balagueró and Carmen Fernández Villalba, among others.

Secuoya Studios Fiction has announced the adaptation exclusively for the international market The Fox. The studio has the rights to the mythical character created by Johnston McCulley and works on the production of this series together with renowned international producers such as Andy Kaplan, John Gertz and Jesús Torres. In addition, it prepares the Spanish-language version of The School of the Americasby Lesley Gill. On the other hand, the David Martínez area is developing a project around the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, based on The loss of paradise, by José Luis Muñoz, in addition to the series of books by the Galician writer Domingo Villar about the curator Leo Caldas and the announced La mala leche, an adaptation of the comic by screenwriter Henar Álvarez.

In section co-productions, in addition to The island with Tiki Pictures, highlight an original project together with Morena Films, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and created by Carmen Fernández Villalba and Carlos Portela, as well as a horror series starring Álvaro Morte with Jaume Balagueró in the address next to Infinito Films. Also, a youth series in co-production with Argentina and Italy is already under development, and a comedy about the universe of women's football with the scriptwriters and directors Teresa Bellón and César F. Calvillo.

The series area will be focused mainly on the markets of Europe, the United States and Latin America, as well as the rest of the divisions of the study. In this clear international vocation, the experience of Sergio Pizzolante, former president of Sony, as representative of Secuoya Studios for LatAm / US.

Collaboration with Álamo Producciones

The commitment to the seventh art is a constant in the spirit of the new studio. The company's commitment to the sector, despite the difficult times it is going through, is maintained and strengthened thanks to the collaboration with Álamo Producciones.

At the moment, the production company that directs Eduardo Campoy has four films pending release: Mom or dad in co-production with Atresmedia Cine and Warner Bros and under the direction of Dani de la Orden; Just once, based on the play by Marta Buchaca directed by Guillermo Ríos and starring Ariadna Gil, Alex García and Silvia Alonso; Who are you traveling with, by Hugo Martín, and Skin on fire, with Óscar Jaenada and Fernando Tejero at the head of the artistic team.

They are also in full shooting The Test, co-produced with Atresmedia Cine and Warner Bros under the direction of Dani de la Orden, and Heroines of the neighborhood, directed by Ángeles Reine. In addition, the production company directed by Eduardo Campoy has in the pre-production phase Everybody does, Solos and the adaptation of the novel Colorful boots for rainy days by María G. de Jaime and Tomas Paramo.

Unscripted projects in development

The unscripted formats department of Secuoya Studios, which generated more than 1,500 hours of television in 2020, has demonstrated its capacity for growth in the last four years thanks to the quality, diversity and innovation of its proposals, which have long occupied programming of national and regional chains and platforms (The Happy Twenties, The Secrets of the Red).

Aware of the enormous weight of streaming In new consumption, the area of ​​documentaries, current affairs and entertainment implements the development of new television formats for the national market with such important figures as Carlos Saura and José Andrés, and begins an exciting stage with its arrival in Latin America, with its own teams in the headquarters of Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

In addition, the area unscripted It has 20 projects in different stages of development after signing agreements with leading partners such as Universal Music, Starlite and Cultura Inquieta. In this sense, he is preparing a new international adventure reality for a platform with worldwide reach, which will begin recording throughout this year.

Provision of services for co-productions

Likewise, within the large Spanish-speaking study, specific areas will be developed dedicated to provision of services for international co-productions, financing structuring and tax incentives covered by the new Corporation Tax Law (LIS) and the forthcoming General Audiovisual Communication Law.

The study has a multidisciplinary team expert (tax, financial, accounting and legal) for the structuring of the different content products by product type (fiction, cinema, docus, entertainment), players involved in the projects (investors, producers, brands, broadcast windows) and operations (tax incentives, AIEs, tax rebate, tax credit ...).

The company has a specialized service area for international productions, which aspires to grow significantly in the coming years due to the enormous demand of the audiovisual market.

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