The 'Telediarios' debut a transversal of both brand, navigation proposals and information about screens.

TVE News

The Madrid study specializing in identity, Visualzink has collaborated with the Directorate of Image and Promotions and the Directorate of Information Services Spanish Television for the complete redesign of the entire graphic and animated part of the News, Territorial Information navigation of the Channel 24 Hours.

A long and complex project that has in the first place in the rebranding of the identifiers of the news to adapt it to the new times.

TVE NewsBoth the imagotype, logo and typography have been redesigned, as well as the creation of a number of elements and applications that define the new image of the News, through headers, bursts and backgrounds. The tuning and sound identity is the work of the composer Josep Sanou, accredited specialist in this type of music.

All these united elements form a particular universe in which we wanted to escape clichés such as globes and clocks to immerse ourselves in the digital age, with their continuous streams of data that run through the information space. The sound identity is also new, and completes the entire branding process of the new News.

TVE News

New navigation

In addition, TVE together with Visualzink have completely redesigned the navigation and labeling program based on marked criteria, such as sobriety, clarity and ease of reading. To do this, it has fled compositions reloaded from several boxes to bet on a single one that frames all the information, and that it flows inside this container. This fluidity is supported by a new element, the navigation bar, which articulates and animates the spaces where the information is labeled.

TVE NewsLikewise, this navigation and labeling design has been implemented in the Channel 24 Hours, with its own specificities and always sticking to the brand.

Headers, bursts, transitions and other graphic elements of the 17 territorial centres that have information spaces and in some cases have required special customization have also been completely redesigned.

In short, a cross-cutting design of both brand, navigation proposals and information on screens, which place the News RTVE on the front line of television graphics.

TVE News

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by • 16 Feb, 2021
• Section: Graphics, television, Tv Production