Panasonic Kairos

The new mainframe Kairos Core 1000 (T-KC1000) is the latest addition Panasonic has designed for the next-generation live video production system IT/IP platform Kairos.

The T-KC1000, which will improve remote live video production functions for production, rendering and distribution of various events such as professional sports and concerts and broadcasting stations, will be released from June 2021.

The new Kairos Core 1000 is a mainframe that handles Kairos‘ video processing and I/O. It is equipped with higher performance and functionality than the Kairos Core 100, which is currently on sale. Panasonic will offer a lineup of the new Kairos Core 1000 (AT-KC1000) and the current Kairos Core 100 (AT-KC100) for live video production applications.

The new Kairos Core 1000 mainframe offers a higher performance CPU and GPU, thereby increasing the system’s video processing capacity, and enabling the platform to be utilized in a wider range of more complex productions using a multi-layered composition. In fact, the output that can be used at the same time has been expanded to 20xHD and 5x4K outputs. The I/O expandability and streaming functions have also been improved. Specifically, The RTP/SRT/RTMP streaming has been expanded to 8 inputs and 2 outputs

The Kairos Core 1000 is also standard equipped with the 4K support function, I/O expansion function and Canvas function, which allows 8K workflows. These functions are provided as options for the current Kairos Core 100.

Panasonic Kairos Core 1000

An ever-growing platform

The IT/IP platform Kairos is a next-generation live video production system that was released in September 2020. With the recent increase in demand for remote live video production, Panasonic has delivered current Kairos systems to production companies and major corporations in Europe and the United States such as Creative Technology and LiveX, for example.

Panasonic has reaffirmed its commitment to develop and expand its platform.

Panasonic AG-CX350

New firmware for the AG-CX350, AG-CX10 and AJ-CX4000GJ

Panasonic Corporation has also announced the upgrade of the firmware for the AG-CX350, AG-CX10 and AJ-CX4000GJ memory card camera recorders. The company will be providing it for free of charge at the end of May of this year (AG-CX10 will be providing it at the end of June of this year). Furthermore, Panasonic also will release a new version of the tablet/smartphone app CX ROP for the AG-CX350 and AJ-CX4000GJ at the same time.

The 4K camcorder/CX Series is a camcorder for broadcasting and professional use that combines 4K/HDR/10bit high quality recording and live streaming/IP connection network functions, and offers high-quality solutions for news, video production and streaming. This version upgrade realizes remote work of news coverage, production and streaming and high-quality live streaming by mainly enhancing the network functions.

First, AVC-Proxy G6 recording is supported with P2HD format recording for broadcasting. It supports network operation such as news flashes with a low bit rate and FHD resolution. With the link to the IoT Cloud Platform provided by Panasonic, it enables near-live uploading and preview/camera settings/metadata transmission from a remote location. Furthermore, 4K streaming and SRT protocols are supported to enable uses to conduct higher quality live streaming. In terms of operation, it is equipped with a face detection/tracking AE & AF function to reduce the number of operations for one-operation news coverage. It is compatible with the version upgrade of these camcorders and will improve the functions have been improved for the CX ROP app.


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