Densitron UReady 2RUThe UReady rack control display systems of Densitron is growing with the addition of two new models that provide ethernet connectivity and X86 CPUs.

The UReady 2RU triple-row control surface incorporates a total of 54 buttons, divided into three equal rows of 18. Each button features a 54 x 54 pixel matrix. This new control surface benefits from ethernet connectivity, Densitron’s X86 CPU architecture and a 1.1 GHz Intel Premium N-series (N2400) Quad processor and 4 GB of RAM. It also uses MVA technology, which enables symmetrical wide-angle viewing.

The second UReady announced offers very similar specifications, but with one important difference: it features a single row of 18 buttons on the bottom of the unit, with a touchscreen located at the top. Once again, the controller, which comes in a single 19″ metal rack chassis, benefits from the X86 architecture. In parallel, the system has been designed so that it can be integrated “quickly and easily”.

Bazile Peter, global product manager for HMI solutions at Densitron, commented on the latest products: “From the very beginning the emphasis with our UReady line of control and monitoring solutions has always been to give customers more flexibility and ease of use – with the effect that they can experience the best control configurations for their specific needs. Two new additions to the range announced in January have proven extremely popular, and now we are delighted to be offering users even more options with two additional controllers in the highly install-friendly 2RU form-factor. We are confident that they will further strengthen the appeal of the UReady range to all those in broadcast and beyond who place a high priority on instinctive and user-friendly control surfaces.”

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For • 11 May, 2021
• Section: Study