Atomos - Estelle McGechie

Estelle McGechie, formerly Apple’s product manager for professional video applications, is the new Chief Product Officer at Atomos.

As Chief Product Officer, Estelle will be responsible for all Atomos products, always with a focus on “the evolution of software and services”. Estelle will support Atomos founder Jeromy Young in the execution of upcoming releases.

Young celebrates the signing and tells how the professional relationship between the two began: “Estelle and I joined forces for the launch of the original Atomos Ninja, the first Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW recording device. Estelle worked on the initial launch of ProRes RAW and ensured our ecosystem was supported within the Apple software suite. She also worked with Atomos to bring 8K ProRes RAW to market. (…) we have more incredible solutions to bring to fruition in the coming years.” Estelle McGechie, on the other hand, comments that she is “very excited” to be able to help “play a part in allowing content creators unleash their creativity.”

A career at Disney, Apple, Frame.io…

Born in Australia, McGechie has enjoyed a successful career in the United States with roles at companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Apple and Logitech. While at Apple, Estelle worked as a senior director overseeing product development and marketing of professional video applications worldwide, including management of technologies such as XML, FxPlug, Workflow Extensions, Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW. Most recently, Estelle was vice president of marketing at Frame.io, a cloud-based video collaboration platform.

On the other hand, Atomos’ latest hire has also worked with major television networks such as ABC, NBC and CNN; film companies such as Sony and FOX Studios, as well as many thought leaders and YouTubers.

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For • 18 Jun, 2021
• Section: Business