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AMP Visual Tv, a French provider of OB Vans and production services, has integrated different Riedel solutions into its two new OB Vans.

The Millenium 3 and Millenium 4 UHD vehicles are structured around Riedel’s MediorNet, which can manage 14-camera productions (10 with 4K capabilities) on both vehicles. MediorNet’s modular and networked DNA allows the OB Vans, their fly-away control rooms and stage boxes to be fully interconnectable, enabling them to be used in parallel.

So while Millennium 3 and 4 are designed for daily UHD video productions, they also have the capacity to expand for larger productions. It was in this way that the OB Vans provided coverage of the last Champions League match in Paris, which took place at the beginning of March.

Interior Unidad Móvil AMP Visual Tv UHD

Artist and Bolero

In addition to MediorNet, the Millennium 3 and 4 have an IP communications infrastructure based on Riedel’s Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom. This system is paired with Bolero, a solution that AMP Visual Tv has adopted as the wireless intercom standard for all of its productions. The communications system also includes a mix of Riedel’s 1200 and 2300 series SmartPanel IP-based intelligent user interfaces.

This is not the first time Riedel has collaborated with AMP Visual Tv, a company with a fleet of 44 OB Vans and operating 29 studios in Paris. A couple of years ago, Riedel Communications had the opportunity to work with the production company on the launch of its flagship Millennium Signature 12, a 44-camera truck (22 with 4K capability) powered by MediorNet. Soon after, this unit was followed by the Millennium 6 OB van, also based on Riedel technology.

Conexión Unidad Móvil AMP Visual Tv UHD

A new experience with Riedel

François Valadoux, technical director of AMP Visual Tv, considers his various jobs with Riedel “extraordinary experiences,” which made it “logical” to turn to the brand again “to provide a fully decentralized, future-proof hybrid infrastructure for Millenium 3 and 4.” Valadoux is particularly pleased with the performance of MediorNet: “The latest modular MediorNet MicroN UHD devices play a key role with their amazing 48-port video density.”

On the other hand, Franck Berger, General Manager France and Africa at Riedel Communications, highlights AMP Visual Tv’s commitment to “stay on the leading edge of innovation in OB production” and says he is very proud “that Riedel is such key contributor to this ongoing effort.”

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For • 5 Jul, 2021
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