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The Backstage Academy training center is closely supported by Riedel to train the next generation of the live event professionals.

Backstage Academy students, who delve into the world of live events through various undergraduate and postgraduate training programs, will use Riedel’s Artist and Bolero intercom systems to hone their skills. This equipment, supplied directly by Riedel, is in regular use at the academy’s Yorkshire Production Park facility.

Miles Marsden, director of Backstage Industry Partnership, believes that in training the “tomorrow’s professionals” it is important that “the best and most current gear” is deployed. “We’re proud that our students graduate with cutting-edge skills, immediately ready to fill any shortages in the industry as it bounces back to pre-pandemic levels. Our close partnership with Riedel helps make this possible,” he emphasizes.

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End-of-year showcase

Recently, Riedel solutions were employed in the production of the end-of-year showcase, Live Again. The multi-stage theatrical show, broadcast live, told the story of the live events industry’s struggle through the Covid-19 pandemic. Produced at Studio One, Production Park’s largest studio, the ambitious final project put into practice everything the students had learned during the training program.

Gareth Welbourn, Backstage’s technical director, confirms that the Riedel products performed to a high standard: “We were all stunned by the robust quality of the system, and its ease of use makes teaching super-effective. The students really love Bolero, and the more features we introduce, the more their jaws drop. Within half an hour of showing students the system, they’re configuring it and thinking about new possibilities, changing stuff around. It’s brilliant.”

Finally, Nacho Lee, Riedel’s UK sales director, stresses that the company has created “a fruitful partnership” that “will enrich our own educational offerings within the Riedel Academy in the future.”

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By • 26 Aug, 2021
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