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16 Panasonic 4K-UC4000 studio cameras and 12 AQ-UE150 PTZ cameras have become part of Gateway Studios & Production Services‘ equipment.

The refurbishment, which is also joined by a selection of dolly and totem systems from Tecnopoint, will be integrated into the new studio complex the company is completing in Chesterfield. The company envisions this space, which will serve live music, film, television and corporate event production services, becoming the largest facility of its kind in the United States.

Carter Hoskins, Panasonic’s director of professional imaging, said he was excited to “be part of Gateway’s new initiatives as they continue to raise the bar by offering our innovative 4K and HD equipment, including in mobile fly-packs and robotic camera systems, to its expanding roster of high-profile clients.” On the other hand, Trey Kerr, CEO of Gateway Studios & Production Services, stressed that the company trusts in “Panasonic cameras.” “Incorporating Tecnopoint dolly systems allow us to make our broadcasts look even better by adding more dimensions and depth to what we are already capturing with the Panasonic robo cameras,” Kerr adds.

The Panasonic and Tecnopoint equipment is currently being used on Phish’s tour, which began in late July and will run through the end of October. Specifically, the production requires fifteen Panasonic studio and PTZ cameras.

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For • 30 Aug, 2021
• Section: Accessories, Catchment