Panasonic Lumix S-S24

Panasonic’s 24mm F.18 S-S24 lens is coming to the Lumix S-Series Full-Frame cameras later this September.

The S-S24 is the third addition to the series of four super-luminous F1.8 lenses based on the L-Mount system standard, which already features the S-S85 and S-S50 models. The four F1.8 lenses in the Lumix S series, which have a similar size and button layout, also allow the use of common filters by sharing the same diameter.

The latest Lumix bet, available at the end of September, consists of twelve lenses distributed in eleven groups, including three aspherical lenses, three ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lenses and one UED (Ultra Extra-Extra-Low Dispersion) lens. The use of three aspherical lenses offers high visual performance and bokeh effect, achieving a similar look with the use of all Lumix F1.8 lenses.

Panasonic Lumix S-S24 DetalleUltra-fast sensor

The Lumix S-S24 lens features an ultra-fast sensor of up to 240 fps that achieves high-speed, high-precision contrast AF. For the non-linear setting, the focus shifts according to the rotation speed of the focus ring, while for the linear setting, the focus shifts according to the designated setting in accordance with the rotation of the focus ring.

The sensitivity (distance the focus travels according to the rotation setting) can be selected from 90 to 360 degrees in 30-degree intervals to achieve the desired focus. The lens excels in video recording performance with a mechanism that suppresses focus breathing, one of the most common problems with interchangeable lenses. Similarly, the S-S24 offers a micro-step aperture control that provides smooth exposure change, a solution that will be appreciated by those who want to record professional-quality video.

blankCompact dimensions

With a compact and lightweight form factor of about 310 grams, the S-S24 stands out for its mobility. Its dust- and splash-proof design allows the lens to be used in adverse conditions, even at -10 degrees Celsius. The filter diameter is 67 mm, with a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm.

Panasonic is developing a new 35mm lens, which will further expand the LUMIX S-Series lens lineup. In this regard, Panasonic together with Leica and Sigma maintain a strong alliance through the development of different lenses based on the L-Mount system.

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