Riedel Oliver Zimmermann

Oliver Zimmermann has been appointed director of manufacturing at Riedel Communications, a position in which he will focus on improving and optimizing the firm’s supply chain and production processes.

Zimmermann has more than a decade of experience in the field of data and communications manufacturing. With a PhD in physics from Ruhr-University Bochum, he has leveraged his knowledge of models and processes to analyze systems, derive meaningful measurements and refine internal structures to help manufacturing organizations become more efficient. Frequently, Zimmermann applies state-of-the-art management models and optimization tools, such as digitalization and artificial intelligence, to drive process improvement.

One of Zimmermann’s last prominent positions was as COO of Telegärtner Karl Gärtner, from where he coordinated the supply chain of purchasing, logistics, warehousing, production, work scheduling and industrial engineering. Zimmermann implemented lean and agile management methods and digitized and optimized the production and supply chain with tools such as SAP S/4HANA. In previous management positions at Poligrat and Steinert Elektromagnetbau, Zimmermann also led digitalization and process optimization initiatives to transform sales, production and administration.

Evolving area

Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications, welcomed Zimmermann by stressing that he is a person who always puts the “human being” as the source of all improvement. “This mindset makes him just the right person to guide the Riedel manufacturing division through continuous development as a learning organization — an approach we believe to be vital in a volatile world undergoing an exponential pace of change,” Riedel stresses.

On the other hand, in his first statements as a member of Riedel, Zimmermann has recognized the know-how of the company, stating that “it has always managed to complete major projects successfully despite constantly changing circumstances and inevitable challenges.” From the same point, he advances that going forward, he will be looking to improve “the interweaving of processes and people,” drawing more targeted lessons from each project we undertake.” “I look forward to the challenge,” he concludes.

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By • 10 Sep, 2021
• Section: Business