8KThe Vivid compression platform by Synamedia, powered by AMD Epyc 7763 processors, has achieved real-time encoding and streaming of 8K content.

Synamedia’s new compression algorithm avoids the need to split the 8K signal into 4K quadrants, require dedicated GPU memory or resort to hardware acceleration, eliminating memory performance issues as well as local variations in video quality. In parallel, Synamedia has also expanded its cloud-based analytics solution, Video-Quality-as-a-Service (VQaaS), by adding support for 8K resolutions.

Elke Hungenaert, vice president of product management at Synamedia, elaborates on the company’s latest development, “We are experiencing a technology shift here, combining our unique and one-of-a-kind compression algorithms, advanced video analytics, and proven expertise with the incredible speeds of the AMD Epyc 7763 processors.” “By combining our team’s expertise with the performance of AMD Epyc processors, we are able to bring more 8K content to the market at an affordable price to enable the 8K economy,” he adds.

On the other hand, James Knight, director of global media and entertainment/VFX at AMD, welcomes Synamedia’s choice of its solutions: “Synamedia turning to 3rd Gen Epyc processors was a natural fit for the high-performance needs of 8K real-time encoding technology. We’re proud to help media and entertainment industry companies deliver a high-quality dynamic viewing experience to their end customers on a single, high-performance CPU while lowering the barrier to entry.”

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For • 30 Sep, 2021
• Section: Media management