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Quortex, a provider of a cloud-based video delivery platform optimised for live stream processing, has been acquired by Synamedia.

With this move, Synamedia is looking to enhance its cloud video network capabilities, complementing its Vivid Workflow as-a-Service (WaaS) with a set of innovative solutions for OTT content processing, disaster recovery, content processing for large service providers and live events.

Using a patented pay-per-stream model, the Quortex just-in-time technology provides the resources needed every time. If no one is watching a channel, it frees up those resources. This methodology provides significant time-to-market and cost advantages over existing cloud approaches, while ensuring that each resource deployed has a purpose. For example, for long tail content, Quortex technology reduces cloud costs by up to 67%, according to Synamedia.

The Quortex multi-tenant SaaS technology, whose customers include names such as beIN Group Media, M6 and Red Bee Media, creates video streams on the fly, based on end-users’ needs and adapting to viewers’ locations, devices and time zones. It adapts to network, infrastructure and audience unpredictability, and automatically scales cloud resources up and down, leveraging cloud instances that are available at a fraction of the typical cost, while maintaining quality of experience. The service is designed for any live streaming provider, including telecom operators, cable operators, direct-to-consumer (D2C) players and broadcasters.

Julien Signes, executive vice president and general manager of video network at Synamedia, justifies the decision to buy Quortex on the “enormous potential” of its platform. On the other hand, Marc Baillavoine, CEO and founder of Quortex, believes that with the Synamedia “global reach and complementary product lines, we can accelerate our mission to transform the agility and cost of streaming and slash its carbon footprint.”

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By • 13 Jul, 2022
• Section: Automation, Issue, media management