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Bridge Technologies has significantly expanded the capabilities of its production-focused monitoring probe, the VB440.

VB440, an ultra-low latency analysis tool for compressed and uncompressed data in a range of both IP and SDI production environments, can now review all types of captions. This new feature, which supports both subtitles (OP-47) and closed captions (CEA-608/CEA-708), provides a display of incoming ancillary data on the output reference video, allowing the user to review, control and correct the placement of captions and characters. Along with the display of subtitles, the “debug view” offers an even deeper insight with decoder logs, encoding errors, field inversion warnings and a display of the grid itself.

On the other hand, the new Packet Capture (PCAP) functionality has been designed with users in the midst of a transition from SDI to IP 2110 in mind. This enhancement allows users to capture individual or collective components of the ST2110 stream, based on time or packet limits, on a fixed or continuous basis. These processes enable more accurate identification of data and packet loss, troubleshooting of network behavior, diagnosis of congestion issues, and recognition of security threats.

Simen Frostad, president of Bridge Technologies, explains that the latest enhancements to the VB440 aim to “create the ultimate, indispensable production tool.” He adds, “The expanded VB440 carries particular value for those operating in the field of remote, outside and distributed production, granting production professionals the tools and insight they need to carry out both creative functions and technical review of production quality from anywhere in the world, all through an HTML-5 browser.” “This ultimately results in higher production values, greater flexibility and creative potential, and lowered production costs,” he concludes.

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For • 5 Oct, 2021
• Section: Automation, Study