Riedel Bolero - USI

Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system has been deployed by United Studios of Israel (USI) to manage communications for its Hertzliya studios.

Supplied and configured by Riedel’s regional partner Arrowmid Communications, the Bolero system is used to coordinate eight television studios and mobile units during live production of entertainment, sports and reality shows. The system, notes Misha Ayzenberg, CTO of Arrowmind Communications, has helped USI reduce costs, since “less than half the number of antennas needed by other solutions to guarantee complete coverage.”

Riedel Bolero - USIHaim Sivila, USI’s CTO, relates how, after studying different options on the market, he quickly decided on Riedel, as it “stood out from the crowd in terms of RF performance, coverage, and audio quality.” Sivila also highlights the ease of use that is key to his daily operations: “The easy and powerful configuration we can achieve for each individual Bolero beltpack makes our workflow smoother, and with very high functionality in each unit, I have more options in configuring communications across all our studios.”

Franck Berger, general manager of Riedel France, Africa and Israel, welcomes the agreement with USI: “United Studios of Israel creates immensely popular programming across numerous genres, and it’s exciting to see Bolero supporting the company’s dynamic live production operations. Our wireless intercom technology is a great fit for this fast-paced multiple-studio production environment, and USI is making the most of it!”

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For • 8 Oct, 2021
• Section: Study, RF