PHABRIX - Sx TAG - 8000

The Phabrix Sx test and measurement device celebrates its 13th anniversary by reaching the milestone of 8000 units manufactured.

Phabrix was created in 2005 by former Oxtel and Miranda engineer Phillip Adams, who had identified a gap in the market for an effective solution to test and monitor the then new 3G-SGI signals, which were beginning to impact the industry. The first SxA prototype was unveiled at IBC2007, and the product was launched in July the following year and instantly won the Peter Wayne Innovation Award.

Now, 13 years later, the company continues to manufacture SxAs and, almost exclusively, continues to provide free software upgrades. The range of devices it offers has expanded considerably as the industry has evolved, adding models and capabilities to accommodate the shift to new broadcast formats and the migration to IP.

The use cases for Phabrix handheld devices have also expanded, with units in operation in environments as diverse as the Sydney Opera House, the Japanese police, the Paris metro, NASA and SpaceX. The company, despite the pandemic, has just recorded its most successful year to date.

The 8000th Phabrix unit is about to be manufactured. Each 1000th machine is made from a different material. In fact, one of them was made from gold and is stored in a special cabinet at the company’s headquarters. Philip Adams, the company’s CEO, is opting this time to make the unit out of plexiglass, so that you can see how the solution works, or bamboo, as it is “recyclable and sustainable”.

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For • 13 Jan, 2022
• Section: Study