Mo-Sys G30

G30, the latest gyro-stabilised head designed by Mo-Sys Engineering, is now available.

The G30 gyro-stabilised head features a “unique design” that, according to Mo-Sys, has the performance of “much more expensive” systems while maintaining the ease of use and set-up of “much simpler” systems.

The goal of Mo-Sys in designing the G30 was to create a gyro-stabilised head that would meet the needs of any broadcast or film application. The company sought to offer simple setup and operation, “minimal complexity” by avoiding slip rings and counterbalance weights, and compatibility with the widest range of camera payloads.

Mo-Sys G30The G30 features a unique 45˚ frame geometry large enough to accommodate “any” type of camera, including ENG cameras and complete digital cinema camera rigs. The short, rigid frame provides rigidity for camera payloads up to 30kg, with direct drive motors for “smooth and precise” movement along with “excellent stabilisation”. The result is a stabilised gyro head with freedom of pan and tilt in any configuration, along with ±45˚ roll.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys, conveys how they listened to the industry when designing their new G30: “In conversation with early adopters, the feedback was for simpler operation and faster setup. In response, we modified elements of the design, such as the frame size, but we also took the opportunity to suggest some smart technologies we were developing. These were well received and so were also implemented into the G30 design.”

“One of these is the balance assist feature which enables an operator to balance each axis in isolation while the remaining two axes hold the camera, significantly reducing the setup time. Another is inertia sensing with pre-sets for various camera packages, along with recallable custom settings for previously used camera packages,” adds Geissler.

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By • 17 Jan, 2022
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