Mo-Sys - Plazamedia

Mo-Sys Engineering has reached an agreement with integrator Plazamedia to put its solutions at the heart of its upcoming extended reality projects in LED facilites.

The Plazamedia customers will benefit from developments such as StarTracker by Mo-Sys camera and lens tracking system; or the advanced tools of the VP Pro XR content server, including set extensions, colour grading and the unique ability to focus between real and virtual objects thanks to the exclusive Cinematic XR Focus function.

Also key to future productions will be NearTime, the Mo-Sys solution for solving the image quality of virtual VFX production in real time. The development comprises a cloud-based autorendering system that uses Smart Green, a method of separating talent from the LED background without introducing heavy green spill, delivering “higher quality VFX content in real time”. In addition, NearTime completely eliminates the Moiré pattern and allows the use of lower cost LED panels to deliver image quality much closer to post-production compositing.

Jens Friedrichs, CEO of Plazamedia, believes that Mo-Sys understands “the importance of delivering cinematic quality from end-to-end even for broadcast applications and productions for corporate clients – especially with regard to our clear focus on sustainable green production.” “This combined with their innovative toolset and the collaborative approach of the Mo-Sys team made them the unbeatable choice of partner for us,” he adds. Philippe Vignal, director of sales and business development for EMEA and APAC at Mo-Sys, remarked that the firm is “extremely” proud that “an innovator like Plazamedia has chosen to place Mo-Sys technology at the heart of its new virtual production capabilities.”

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By • 3 May, 2022
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Study, Graphics, Integration, Business