Mo-sys and Fujifilm at NAB 2022

That virtual production is becoming more and more popular is evident at the stand that Fujifilm account at NAB 2022 together with Mo-sys where the potential of using lenses, tracking systems and LED walls in a virtual and augmented reality environment is demonstrated.

In Las Vegas it can be seen how the output of extended data of the Mo-sys and Fujifilm series in NAB 2022 or the encoder of UA18x5.5-S10, connected to the Mo-sys virtual reality engine allows you to create a totally realistic virtual reality in real time.

Together with Mo-Sys and APG Media, NAB is showing how Fujinon lenses for film and television together with Mo-Sys' StarTracker camera tracking technology and a state-of-the-art LED wall with 1.5 pixel pitch mm of APG Media, allow you to create a hyper realistic virtual production environment film and television.

Fujifilm a NAB 2022On the other hand, it should be noted that Mo-sys is developing a new PT remote head with Fujinon's AF lens. This proposal eliminates the focusing problem derived from the delay in data transmission between the controller and the PT head (because they are a couple of hundred kilometers away), by using AF.

At NAB 2022, the trend towards using movie cameras in live production because the image quality is better on the film camera. However, until now this option had not been widespread because it did not have a movie accessory that would allow broadcast-style filming. Now a drive unit has the ability to use broadcast zoom/focus demand.

Fujifilm a NAB 2022other solutions

Fujinon exhibits at NAB 2022 a significant number of solutions that adapt to multiple environments within the world of production: the lens UA107x8.4AF (Auto Focus), designed for fast and accurate subject tracking performance, and which is mounted on a remote head Mo-Sys U50; the large format cine lenses of the Premista series, which are demonstrated with the new drive unit Chrosziel y Zeiss eXtended Data; los portable broadcast zooms from Fujinon, equipped with S10 digital drive units to support modern robotic and remote shooting needs; the broadcast goal UA125x8, 4K compatible; portable 4k lens UA46x9.5 with Super 35 Musashi expander, which offers a range of 24-1100mm at a relatively light weight, and czoom and focus controllers updated for Fujinon portable and box lenses.

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For • 26 Apr, 2022
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