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The headquarters of the Academy of Dinner has hosted the award ceremony of the 42nd edition of the Telecommunications Engineers Awards (Premios_IT) COITAIT, which recognize the best master's thesis, doctoral theses and academic trajectories of 2021.

After the evaluation of the 96 jobs from 28 educational centers, have been awarded 17 awards a 14 winners that close like this formative stage with the prestige of this recognition organized by the COIT and the AIT. The event was presented and conducted by Juan Carlos Lopez, Vice Dean of the COIT and Vice President of the AEIT.

Before, Martha Balenciaga, dean-president of the COIT y president of the EAIT, opened the event stating that "without generational relief it will be difficult for our profession to occupy its rightful space in these moments of profound social and economic transformation that, to a large extent, is being supported by digitization and the improvement of information technologies information and communications. Each generation of Engineers that join the profession finds itself with new scenarios and in many cases with unprecedented technological advances up to that moment that require their development and deployment”.

Francisco Xavier Gabiola, general secretary of the COIT and secretary of the AEIT, pointed out some details of this 42nd call of the Awards: "The jury was made up of those responsible for the qualifying master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the 25 centers where it is taught," he said. Thus, there has been a total of 231 evaluators what they have done 1,208 reviews. Francisco Javier Gabiola also shared a "significant fact". “Of the thesis papers presented, 12% were by women. In the case of TFM, 27%; and in the best academic trajectories, only 9%”, thus underlining that there is still a way to go for the presence of women in telecommunications engineering.

Los Premios_IT of COIT-AEIT have counted in this edition with the support of Ericsson, Fermax, Hisdesat, Hispasat, Huawei, IBM, IN-Nova, Isdefe, Royal Academy of Engineering y Reintel.

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For • 12 Jul, 2022
• Section: Events, Training