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Freelance journalist Fergal Ringrose and TVU Networks will be discussing in early January a number of trends that will shape what production companies will be doing in 2023.

On 10 January at 14:00 CET, the webinar “The best way to produce in 2023” will detail the production trends that will shape the coming year and how to select the best workflow for remote work, using the success stories of LiveNow (Fox), EU Football and RTVE as examples. You can register via this link.

Exactly two days later, on 12 January at 14:00 CET, TVU will address how to create 24/7 OTT channels using cloud workflows. Beyond reviewing terms such as CTV, OTT and OTA, the conference will address different innovative ways to monetise content and channels in 2023 and will offer a live demo on how to create, operate and monetise an OTT channel created by TVU Channel. Registration for this second panel is now open.

Both presentations will be given by Fergal Ringrose (freelance journalist), Rafael Castillo (VP/GM EMEA and Latin America at TVU Networks), Jean-Christphe Albou (European Sales Director at TVU Networks) and Fernando Pinto Jez, Head of EMEA Solutions at TVU Networks.

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By • 22 Dec, 2022
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