TV5 TVU Networks - Sing Galing Kids

The TVU One transmitter, among other TVU Networks equipment, enabled Philippine broadcaster TV5 to broadcast the finale of its Sing Galing Kids competition from the Metropolitan Theater in Manila.

TV5 producers needed a remote production solution that could handle multi-camera, live and remote production without connectivity delays or latency issues for this high-profile programme. As these two final programmes revealed the overall winner, it was equally essential that the solution handled a significant number of feeds, in the form of cameras that would capture the reactions of artists, judges and audiences.

After extensive research, TV5 discovered that TVU Networks had significant experience in providing IP-based remote production solutions for countless live multi-camera events held in sports venues, theatres and other indoor venues around the world. The Philippine broadcaster contacted the TVU Philippines team to discuss the best solutions for this crucial live broadcast and eventually decided on the TVU One 5G mobile transmitter, which provided encoding and transmission from the theatre to the TVU transceiver/server in TV5’s main studio. After switching, audio mixing, insertion of promotional video, subtitles and graphics in a temporary on-site studio in the theatre, the main signal was sent to the TVU One and then to the TVU transceiver in TV5’s studio for decoding and simultaneous broadcast on TV5’s TV channels, website and social media platforms.

TV5 TVU Networks - Sing Galing KidsTVU One can simultaneously aggregate up to 12 data connections: 3G/4G/5G LTE cellular, WiFi, Starlink, ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, microwave and BGAN. It provides high quality live video over a 5G cellular link infrastructure. The mobile transmitter offers the ability to transfer UHD quality live video with sub-second latency and transmit at 100 Mbps.

Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, praises the performance of its solutions in the project executed by TV5: “This finale was a big draw for TV5. They knew how important it was to have a smooth transmission. With our solution, they had a very successful, live, multi-camera broadcast – without any signal bottleneck and without support of dedicated lines, or satellite and microwave trucks. We couldn’t be happier with the results of the Sing Galing Kids finale.”

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For • 9 Feb, 2023
• Section: Study, Mobile TV