Blackmagic - Studio 22 - Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2

Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 and ATEM Mini Pro ISO mixer are used to produce the entertainment podcast ‘Studio 22‘, part of iHeartRadio’s programming lineup.

Blackmagic - Studio 22 - Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2Hosted by actor, model and producer Brock O’Hurn and producer and entrepreneur Will Meldman, Studio 22 explores the thinking of personalities from the entertainment, sports and business industries. O’Hurn and Meldman talk with Hollywood workers, sports legends and entrepreneurs such as country singer Brett Young, actor Nolan Gould, model Presley Gerber, sportscaster Jim Nantz and producer Ben Silverman, who share their stories, insights and inspiration.

Studio 22 has recently entered a new visual phase with three Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 units, whose signals are transmitted to an ATEM Mini Pro ISO mixer that the producer uses to mix the camera signals live, as each episode is recorded using the device’s isolated recording feature. According to O’Hurn, he decided to use Blackmagic’s solutions because “of how incredible all the products are at not only communicating, but the quality of the output on top of that”. Of the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K in particular, he notes how it’s an affordable option that doesn’t involve “skimp on quality”.

Blackmagic - Studio 22 - Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2“I’ve enjoyed the ability to put LUTs directly from the cameras into our system. That way you can have an idea what the raw footage will look like after your color grade is applied. I also love the design with the extra large screens on the cameras. With many other cameras, you need to buy an external monitor to get the picture that comes standard on these cameras. Blackmagic Design has helped us create a reliable ecosystem that has freed us up so that we can focus on why we’re there in the first place, which is great conversations with great guests. It’s hard to beat the setup we have now,” adds O’Hurn about his Blackmagic workflow.

Once the shoot is complete, editing and color grading is done in DaVinci Resolve Studio. O’Hurn appreciates that this is a full-featured program, an “all-in-one suite” that includes everything needed for post production, and that, despite being node-based, it is “easy to learn,” even for those who have not been formally trained in this area. The process is even easier when combined with the ATEM Mini Pro ISO mixer, O’Hurn concludes: “The ATEM Mini Pro ISO is such a game changer for me. Before, I used to record everything to hard drives, then manually import and sync the video and audio. The ATEM Mini Pro ISO does that for me, and even creates a DaVinci Resolve file with all my live cuts, so as soon as I finish recording, I can get straight into editing.”

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By • 2 Oct, 2023
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